1995 Dodge Ram 5.2 Engine ?


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1995 Dodge Ram 5.2 Engine ?

This vehicles has been mine since new. It has been terrific. All routine maintenance always performed. 109K at present. This week it stalled while in line at a bank. Would not re-start. AAA towed it home. Now, it will start for 10 seconds , blow tons of pure white smoke (which it never did before) and then die again. After about 4 hours, it will start again for another 10 seconds, blow all the white smoke and die again. I have excellent fuel pressure. plenty of spark. No overheating at all. No service engine light came on. Am I looking at a possible head gasket failure here?

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Dose the oil look milky. Sounds like head gaskit. (This is juist my opinion.)
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the dodge 3.9/ 5.2/ 5.9s intakes have a belly pan and the gaskets go bad i would suggest pulling the intake getting a new intake gasket and a new belly pan gasket , dodge did away with giving you new bolts for the intake because they hardly ever stretch, but i would get the belly pan bolts also get a can of carb cleaner and clean the pan lots of times the get a build up. good luck . paul ([email protected])
ps.. make sure you change the oil and filter

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