97 Blazer front end repair #2


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97 Blazer front end repair #2

Well, we did the passenger side upper and lower ball joints today. We ground the ends of the rivets off and used a punch to pop them out. The upper was not too bad. Once you get the rivets out, the whole ball joing lifts out. The lower was a little more difficult due to the tighter space and dealing with the rotor just kind of being in the way. Ran into a couple problems that could have been solved if we could have been able to remove the rotor assembly to remove the axel from that and lift the end of the axle to give us enough clearance to just lift the lower joint out.

How does the rotor come off the end of the axle? We took the large nut and washer off the end of the axle but we could not get the rotor off. I am wondering if the splines were just rusted in place.

Since we couldn't get the rotor off, and couldn't lift the end of the axle to give us more clearance, the new ball joint had to be fit and wiggled and twisted and pulled and tapped into place. that was the worst part of the whole job. Once the lower ball joint was in, everything just bolted back together.

No torch was used this time.
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the hub assembly is probably pressed on or a very tight fit on the axle they do make pullers to remove the hub assembly more easily the rotor should just pull off or can be loosened by just using a hammer if rusted on after removing caliper and brackets it helps to remove some of the weight.
it would probably been easier to do both sides at once and after removing the upper ball joint to leave it off and install it last that should of gave you more room once the lower was seperated and it could of been wired out of the way with the caliper and rotor off it is not as heavy and easier to move an air hammer makes rivet removal very fast if you have one available.
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Yep, we did that. We removed the caliper and wired it up. We did do the upper last since it just dropped in from the top and we had easy acces to get the nut on it. The tight spot was between where the axle goes into the hub assembly and the hole for the ball joint bolt. We had to tap that into place and when we did the shaft of the ball joint rotated to where it fell into place. The next tight fit was getting the hub assembly with the lower bj on it onto the lower control arm. Both times the axle was what was causing the tight fit. It took us way too long to do the one side so we didn't do the other. If I had my mechanic do the job the parts would have cost about $200 more and the labor would have been about $400. We have 14 hours into the project with another 4 to go. Why is it that during the project with all the headaches and frustration I find myself saying "I should have just taken it in" and then when I am done and driving down the road I find myself saying "That wasn't too bad and I am glad I just saved myself $600". I can see it now, after I get it all done, my wife will say "I want something different".
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Ball joints are lots of fun.Remember you beat the ball joint war when your done. (This is juist my opinion.)

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