98 Neon wont stay running


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98 Neon wont stay running

Son has a 98 Neon and 3 days ago his check engine light came on and his car died. The codes came up as camshaft and crankshaft sensors bad. The car sat for a little while and he was able to start it back up. The check engine light went off by itself. It wasnt reset. We checked the fuel pressure (49lbs) and replaced the relay. We were thinking fuel problem because it was like the it ran out of gas. Now when it shuts down sometimes he can get it to start by giving it gas. (its fuel injected so he shouldnt have to do this) Now the car wont start at all.

There are no codes stored in the car (we checked) and no codes pop up when it dies.

Any ideas on where to go from here?
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you do have fuel pressure when the vehicle will not start?
if you can check for spark and injector pulse that would help otherwise I would suspect the cam or crank sensor and check with dealer to see if the crank sensor has been updated to a newer style that may come with a new connector pigtail.
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Had a simular problem with mine (a 2000 or 2001, I forget).

It's the crank sensor, and cost about $300 for the dealer to replace.

Sometimes you can let it sit and it will work again.. for a while. Eventually it WILL leave you stranded somewhere.
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Bejay..thanks will check

Pendragon. That is exactly what the car is doing..will start after sitting awhile. Thats why we thought fuel/relay.

Is there a way to check the sensor? Its $160 for both sensors but if there is a way to test them that would be great.
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not a good way to check them without expensive equipment like a lab scope but it probably is the crank sensor.
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Had the same thing happen with my 95 neon after a heavy rain. I drove through some deep standing water for quite about 1/2 hour. For 2 weeks the check engine light would come on, the motor would start chugging and die. Let it sit for a few minutes and it would start up, check engine light would be off and I could drive it. Little while later same thing would happen. On the 95 there is nothing to block the air intake other than it is at the highest point in the engine compartment. I used HEET a couple times in the gas and it eventually went away.
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Fought with my 96 neon for almost a year... tunrs out was the fuel pump... We all feel your pain
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Thanks for the help. Changed out crankshaft sensor and so far its running good.

Had one small problem pulling the sensor. It was stuck and broke off even with the motor .
Drilled a small hole in it, put in a screw and it pulled right out.
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some help

Well sounds like you got it. But if it starts doing it again, put the accelerator all the way down to the floor. This shouts off the fuel like as if it were flooding. My old dodge had a similar problem. respond if it does it again. Good luck.

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