Car shuts off when I turn on air


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Car shuts off when I turn on air

I turned on my heater this winter and while I was sitting at a red light my car shut down. I started it back up and drove it home. While it was idle I turned the heater back on and noticed the rpm's going down every few seconds then the car finally shuts off. I let it go and just didn't turn on my heat for the rest of the winter. Well now it is summer and I used my air conditioner and noticed it happened with the AC too. They both work but it shuts my car down. Anybody ever heard of this?
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shutting down with fans on

Any battery lights or Alternater/engine lights pop on while its shutting down (any noticible drain on battery, does battery light come on)?
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would it kill you to tell us the make and model of the "car" as well as the engine size and where it is being driven? the maintenance record on the vehicle would also be helpful.

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maybe the MAP/MAF
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With car off Unplug air compressor cluch to dissangage compressor and see if car dies when you restart car. Compressor runs in winter as well as sommer to take out dampness. (This is juist my opinion.)

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