Please Advise! What Could This Be?

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Unhappy Please Advise! What Could This Be?

I am referring to my '97 Nissan XE pick-up, 4 cyl.
which my son took off the back light to check out the bulbs, and try to figure out why it decides, once in a while, to not work! He then put the light back in place, and I got in the truck, turned the key, and DEAD! Though the radio, interior/exterior lights all worked without any sign of gradual loss of power, as did the buzzer, when the key was turned, the engine made no attempt to start, not even after it was on a charger for awhile. No slow gurgling, nothing! What could have happened, or what might it be, please advise/suggest, as I am now stranded, without a clue! I thank you for any info or suggestions, that might help! Dee
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several possibilities dont think it would be a fuse problem just working on a light but might check all fuses, if manual transmission check the clutch safety switch make sure its still connected it will be under dash above clutch pedal, if an automatic should have a nuetral safety switch have you tried starting it in nuetral and park.
possibly could be a starter problem also you might try tapping on the starter to see if it makes any difference tapping on it doesnt always help, but alot of times it can get you up and going so you can atleast drive it to a shop or get it home to repair.
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How old is batt. life of batt. is 4-5 years.Did he have lights on when working on back bulbs. (This is just my opinion.)
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Are the brake lights working?
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Sounds like you have a intermittent short in your wiring thats causing the lights not to work occasionaly and is draining down thw battery.

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