Hard clutch pedal and problem changing gears

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Question Hard clutch pedal and problem changing gears

1989 Ford Tempo GL,5 speed,120,000 miles.I recently developed a hard clutch pedal and problems changing gears when I drive for a while.Looks like the shifter is stucked when attempting to shift from first to second.Now,the shifter get stucked in all five gears and the only way to get it free is to shut off the engine and put it in first.The hard clutch pedal happened suddently when I first started the car on my way to work one morning.Your comments will be greatly appreciated.Thanks
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When was clutch changed last.Sounds like its time for new one or clutch master or slave cyl. (This is just my opinion.)
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If it was the slave cylinder I would think you would have no cluth pedal at all of a very spongy one. Try getting it going and let off the gas and try to put it in neutral with no cluch. Also does it grind when your stoped and you put it in gear?
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Thanks for your answers.The clutch is original on this car and is non-assisted(NO MASTER CYLINDER).This is an answer from another forum(Ford).

""Sounds to me like your clutch is starting to go out. The throw out bearing on these cars tend to wear through the clutch fingers for some reason, which doesn't allow the clutch to release all the way. This would account for the stiff pedal, hard to change gears and the car rolling with the clutch pedal depressed."" According to this guy ,its time for a new clutch..
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sounds to me like you could have a blockage in the line. causing no fluid to go anywhere. If this is the case then the slave cylinder isn't engaging and its just like trying to put it into gear without pressing the pedal down ... just a thought
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OK.........You have a hard time shifting so the disc is thick enough......And there's NO master cyl????.........Cable operated then I'd imagine.......Replace the cable first...........You're gonna have to do it anyhow, so that's where I'd start.......If the cable is rusted/stretched that could be your reason for the stiff non shifting clutch pedal..........If that DOESN'T fix it, THEN you need to drop the trans and inspect the throw out bearing and the retainer on which it rides
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Not convinced the worn fingers would cause a stiff pedal but it could cause the stiff shifting, as you posted.

A corroded/damaged clutch pedal would account for a stiff pedal and may cause the stiff shifting, expecially if the clutch is not adjusted to start with.

I ditto wrench on this one. Start with a cable or if it can be disconnected relatively easily, you might disconnect it and see if the cable is acttually stiff.

If it is, replace it and hope for the best. If it is free, them it looks like it's time for a new clutch.

BTW: make sure the clutch is well adjusted. Pull the pedal all the way up and then push down on it.

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