Cleaning brake dust from aluminum alloy wheels?

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Cleaning brake dust from aluminum alloy wheels?


I haven't been treating my car's exterior as well as I have been taking care of what's under the hood.

I can wash my wheels and get most of the dirt off but there's that one layer that's not going anywhere. Is there a good product out there to help out? I'm not trying to avoid actually doing a little work with a small brush or rag but everyone knows that the right cleaner can save lots of time and effort.


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You might want to try Meguiar's G-14124 Hot rims Multi-Piece Wheel Wash. I've not used it, but have used other Mequiar's products, and I am sure it is great! They also sell a brush (Versa-Angle tire brush) that cleans wheel rims. Checkout:
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Also check out westley's. They have tire cleaners for many years and have a product for cleaning rims.
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theres lots of aluminum wheel cleaners on the market that would help make the job easier would suggest you just follow the directions on which ever cleaner you use as most of them may cause damage or spotting if left on to long, you will probably still have to use a brush but if its just brake dust it shouldnt take alot of scrubbing to get off.
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I've had good luck with Simple Green. Used to have a Mercedes shop, and their wheels used to get really gross from brake dust. SG seemed to work pretty well without damaging the finish. Use a wet rag to wipe the stuff off if need be. It's also inexpensive and available in larger sizes.
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The trick with rims to keep them clean is to use a cleaner every few weeks once you get them cleaned up. The cleaner adds like a layer between the rim and the brake dust, so the next time you clean them it almost wipes out with water and a rag. I know I hate coming off of the winter and having to scrub mine, I think next week ill do it.
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Make sure the alloy wheels is cool. Never spray a wheel cleaner on a hot wheel as it can cause a chemical reaction and permanently stain the wheel. Rinse first or depending upon the chemical. Severely dirty wheels with plastic center caps should be removed first to avoid possible damage. Start spraying wheel cleaner from the bottom up to avoid streak runs. Wheel faces should be cleaned with a wash mitt or a soft brush. A parts solvent brush can be used around lug nuts and a soft toothbrush in the nooks and crannies. After all the wheels have been done, move the vehicle forward to expose the upper portion of the wheel that would have not been cleaned properly during the initial wheel cleaning process. After washing, wheels should be polished and waxed.

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