Catalytic converter?


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Cool Catalytic converter?

Is it possible to harm cat converter by using Higher octane booster additives?
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I say no but others will say yes. I always use then in all my cars and trucks and have only had to replace 2 in my life time.on the same note i have replace lots of them for others in the shop. (This is just my opinion.)
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The answer is yes

But....our442 has a valid point
Adding a bottle of octane boost to a tank of fuel won't harm the cats
In fact, it hardly raises the # at all
In fact, hot rodders need to do this often when boosting or advancing the timing, or increasing the compression
But those engines are tuned for that
Sometimes just 1/2 # is all they need to prevent detonation

However, continuing to raise the octane of the fuel for an engine designed to run on low octane fuel can cause problems with the cat, and with your wallet
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Running your car at higher octane than it needs provides nothing, it only costs more.
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The higher the Octane the slower the gas burns. The slower the gas burns the less horsepower you make.
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there are simply better products out there,let's face it, higher octane gas is one of them : better knocking/pinging resistance,better auto/premature ignition resistance,burns a little cooler, and it will increase your engine's compression giving you more power. Really worth the extra $ 9.00 on my 45 gallon suburban's tank.
I personally use it and I'm very happy with it, will never use regular again.
Same goes for synthetic oil and grease and high performance air filters.
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Running a car on gas with a significantly higher or lower octane rating than it needs will hinder both performance and milage.

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