2000 Merc bumping


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Unhappy 2000 Merc bumping

Hello Folks, I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis with 96k on it. At about 60k it started to bump from the rear while accelerating. Mechanic said it was overdrive problem with this make and not to worry about it. It stopped until recently and seems worse than ever. It mostly happens when you slow down for an off or on ramp and then try to resume some speed. It doesn't seem to happen while holding highway speed. It feels like a tranny slip or someone lighty bumping you from behind. If I take my foot off the gas it stops and if I push the gas harder it seems to help. It also doesn't seem to happen from a dead stop.

I took it to a tranny shop and they told me "no tranny codes" and the guy road tested and said he felt the problem, but, thinks it is the motor, but, doesn't know what!!!!! Any ideas!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance for your help ERic
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could be a misfire problem might check all plugs and coil rubber boots for carbon tracking a weak or bad coil could also cause the problem if it is not coil over plug and has plugwires you would check the plug wire boots for carbontracking instead of coil boot.
if you have a check engine light you should get codes checked as it may have a misfire code that could tell you what cylinder is missing, it may not be bad enough to set a check engine light as of yet.
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Worn u-joints?
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Worn u-joints? My money is on worn u joints and this could be dangeress thing if it lets go on hyway and drive shaft digs in to the road. Please have u jionts checked soon as you can. (This is just my opinion.)
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Thanks for the help!!!!!!!! Eric
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Post Jitter-buggin

I Have A Grand Marquis Ls And I Havent Got That Problem Yet.....

So That Sucks.
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Turned out to be the tires had bubbles on the interior where I couldn't see it. Thanks for the help!! Eric

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