Not sure what's going on...


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Question Not sure what's going on...


I have a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser that was purchased in 2004. After a while, I noticed that the wheel was pulling to the right. I checked the tires and the back passengers side tire was low. This went on for a while until it got to the point where I had to fill up the tire everytime I went out. I got the tire switched out for a new one last year, but now it is doing it again. It pulls to the right and the back passenger side tire is going flat again. Does anyone had any idea as to what can be causing this to happen? It was alright for about 6 months after the tire was changed.

Thanks in advance!
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leaking tire

valve stem , bad rim , construction zone with nails , have tire checked for leaks and go from there
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do alignment on car, take tire to where you bought it for an inspection,are you hitting anything on your driveway/parking spot ? curbing,shrub,etc.

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Question Kit-kat Bars

The Chance Of Your Rim Being The Prob. Is High. That And Or You Got Extra Wieght On That Side
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How's your social life? Any enemies? Chech for cut or punchered valve stems. Check for punctures in tire on outer edge sidewall by tread. Good place to hide a puncture.

Also check rim on inside for bends or damage. Use dishwashing liquid around the rim and coat the tire. Look for the formation of bubbles.

If under warranty let the dealer find and fix the problem.
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Are the rims Aluminum rims?Aluminum rims are terrible for corrosion on the bead area.If that is the case,have the bead area cleaned up with a wire wheel and lube up very good.Go around the valve stem,bead area and tread areas with water.If it bubbles in one spot,there is your leak and have the wheel balanced.Do not take to a tire shop to get the tire balanced,they use their balancers a lot and may not be accurate after a lot of uses.Their tire balancers are not probaly calibrated after being used a lot.I have seen this happen.

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