1993 aerostar wont' start


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Smile 1993 aerostar wont' start


I am a "weekend warrior" mechanic and I am trying to get a 1993 aerostar to start and run correctly.
It has a 3.0 L engine.
The Ford Aerostar has a internal oil leak and is losing about 4 quarts per month which has gone on for the last year or so. Recently the engine lost power and had difficulty going up hills and it would stall out when idling. Also it began to take longer and longer to get it started every morning especially when it is cold outside. Saturday morning it would not start at all, it only turns but will not start. Here are all the things that have been changed over the last 4 months.
Spark plugs (changed yesterday)
Distributor cap
Oxygen sensor
Catalytic converter
Fuel filter
I don't know how to determine if it's a gas problem or a spark problem, if you could give me some insight on the procedure to determine which one (spark or gas) it is WITHOUT a lot of test equipment as I have limited resources in the test equipment department. Also we turned the distributor a few degrees thinking that the timing might be off but that did nothing so we set it back to the original position. Let me know what you think because I haven't a clue what else to do.
P.S. we also checked the "fuel pump shut-off" switch it did not need to be reset.



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while you can get by checking for spark by using a screwdriver inserted into a plugwire, or coil wire and while holding on to the insulated handle check for spark by holding the metal shank of the screwdriver about 3/8 inch from a metal ground point and have someone crank engine over to see if you have spark.
you cannot really check fuel pressure without a guage it should run 30-40 psi and there is service port on the fuel rail.
injector pulse is generally checked with a noid light while some test lights do have the ability to show injector pulse some does not, a noid light is about the only for sure way to know if the injectors are getting a signal from the ecm.
so the only thing that you can probably check without special equipment is for spark.

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