Solvent for parts washer?


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Solvent for parts washer?

Anybody have a recommendation for a good solvent to use in a parts washer? I don't like what I've been using. I have a medium-size home-workshop type parts washer, all metal, I guess it holds 5 or 10 gal of solvent, with electric pump & spray nozzle. Would like to find a solvent that works well, and is easy to dispose of/environmentally friendly. Also something that doesn't cause rusting of parts later on. Suggestions?

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Many Moons ago we used to use just the cheapest washer machine soap and used to let parts sit for a day or too on the water mix, they were clean when we pulled them out, no residue just kind of soapy, no rust either.

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What have you been using??

I'm not sure of the brand name off the top of my head right now at work but what I've got I bought at NAPA in a 5gal can. It's great, but not sure of the enviromental friendly part of it either.

Maybe I should have more details before I post.
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I have allways used Varsoil in my parts washer. (This is just my opinion.)
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Our parts washer at work uses mineral spirits. The washer itself is a fancy one that can rejuvenate the fluid.
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stodert solvent

We use stodert solvent at work or minneral spirits also we have tanks of Jet A fuel.(high grade kerosine)
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go to a gas station and use k-1 kerosene..been using it for years...then we use it to light campfires when dirty...

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