problems getting the shifter out of park to drive

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Question problems getting the shifter out of park to drive

When i get in and try to get the shifter out of park to drive.. it's like the break peddle is not engageing and not sending the proper message to the transmision to allow it to shift i have to wait and for a few times and them after startinfg and turning off the engin it may go into gear i have a 1993 gmc vandura.. can someone please let us know what to do.. thanks Nurtial safety switch or maybe the transmision control silinoid?????

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I have two suggestions,
1) start engine in park and slowly try to move the steering wheel left and right while trying to move lever out of park. Or,

2) If you have parked on a incline you might have to get a buddy to try gently to move your car with his,or her car just slightly while again moving the lever out of park. There is a parking pall that gets jammed when a vehicle is parked sometimes on a incline without setting the parking brake.

Hope one of these suggestions works
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There is a shift interlock safety device on most modern vehicles. This is to insure you have your foot on the brake pedal to move the shift lever out of park. When you push the brake pedal a "click" noise will be heard this is releasing the shift lever. I would suggest turning the key to the first position just enough to unlock the steering wheel but before the dash lights come on and see if you can pull it out of park (if the dash lights come on it will apply power to the interlock). Also you can listen carefully, when you apply the brake (might have to do it a few times) to see if you are hearing a click noise each time you apply the brake and let off and do it again. If you do not hear the click the interlock maybe out of adjustment or broken.

Hope this helps
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my astro did the same thing and it turned out to be the Ignition Lock Cylinder or so called Ignition Switch

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