Ford Ranger stalling


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Ford Ranger stalling

I have a 1991 Ford Ranger with 2.9 liter 4x4 extended cab. It was stalling out when stopped.I changed plugs and wires, it has more power now, not gutless anymore. The exhaust was badly rotted, but fixed it now, helped a little after I reset the computer. One wire is not sticking good on the distributor, but it is connected. The trucks still wants to stall out and does so less, but still does. It only wants to stall out when something clicks on. The thing that clicks on is a wheel on the belt system. The wheel is the top right one, it isn't always spinning, it spins every so often. When it does click on and spin, the RPM drops and wants to stall, or does. What is the problem and what can I do?
Thanks for any help.
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maybe the a/c compressor is coming on if you have on the a/c or defrost could be several reasons for it to want to stall could be a/c related if the compressor is trying to lockup it can cause the engine to die, if its low on freon and cycling on and off every few seconds its hard for the computer to find the correct idle speed and could cause it to stall.
could be engine related may need the throttle plate cleaned and the base idle speed adjusted might try this first by removing the air intake hose and cleaning behind the throttle plate with some carb cleaner then disconnect the battery for atleast 10 minutes.
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try to check the timing also. had same proble with an s-10 and changed the timing belt and worked fine

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