1990 Lumina brake lights, turn signals, and hazards


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Question 1990 Lumina brake lights, turn signals, and hazards

I have a 1990 Chevy lumina, 3.1, automatic transmission. It was "hot-wired" and is now my headache. After rewiring part of
the light group/wiper/cruise control arm, everything works fine
except for the turn signals, hazard lights and brake lights.
All fuses and flashers have been replaced, just in case. Is there a fused link or relay that would control all of the non-working lights? Thank you, Jeff
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No fused link up in there, I suspect the turn signal switch is fried.
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you mite wanna check the fuse box under the hood. black box lookin fuses control the lights also and you cant tell by lookin at them if they good or not.
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Also, I forgot to mention to check underneath the fuse block under the hood for corrosion/broken wires. There was an issue with these that I had forgot all about until I read the post above this one.
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no brakes, blinker or hasard lights

FYI: I have a full size 1985 chevy van that is doing the exact thing. Getting ready to tear the steering colum apart to change the blinker switch. To replace a simple blinker swutch its a big job especially with a tilt wheel.

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