oil leak~ nasty!


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oil leak~ nasty!

The other morning after starting my car, my oil began to leak incredibly, (I lost a half a quart in a matter of minutes) while crawling under my car to try and find the source of the devastation, my car reached running temp and the leak nearly stopped. It appears during warm up when the oil pressure is high, is the only time that it really leaks. After the long drive getting it to the nearest shop avoiding any road more then 35mph and stopping to check the oil level constantly they told me oil pan gasket and front main seal.

I can handle the oil pan gasket- mostly nuts and bolts, but after consulting my ol' trusty repair manual, found nothing about a front seal- it was recommended by a friend it could be the timing cover seal..... Could that be right?

P.S. my '89 Sentra, though has been a fantastic and well driving car with no major problems the last 180,000 miles, has a lot of minor problems, I'd like to avoid costly shops, as he (my car) will likely retire soon!
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Could be and that's where the front main seal is mounted at any rate. Check here:

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This may not be it, but I want to point this out to everyone reading here as this is VERY important: Never overtighten an oil filter (out of fear that it will unscrew itself). You can spin out the rubber gasket out of it's groove! I know. I learned the hard way once and it almost cost me dearly as I had just rebuilt the top half of my dad's Mazda and I put on a new oil filter, and that is what happened! Luckily the neighbor kid was walking across the lawn to watch me fire it up for the first time after the rebuild and he said, "You have something leaking under the car!" I caught it in the nick of time. It was a massive leak!

Here I had just rebuilt the welded to the cam bearing's cam, because my dad ran the car out of oil, and here I could have caused the same thing...and surely would have, if that kid didn't tell me about the leak, and I quickly shut off the engine. (The car ran for 35,000 miles after this and something else dictated my dad getting rid of the car.)

It's conceivable that early morning high pressure through a getting clogged filter and a bad oil filter gasket could be the cause your problem, but I'm just guessing, obviously.

With lot's of oil on the engine, you may have to Gunk degrease it so you can see better where it is starting from, if need be.
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I dunno guy........An oil pan gasket or harmonic balancer seal may leak..........but not puke oil like you describe.
Two things I'd look for. 1) The oil pressure switch 2)The timing chain cover(I'm assuming this is a 1.6 with a chain) The chain cover is the oil pump and there are 2 seals that can go bad fom cover to block that'll give you an oil leak to be proud of.....
Also........The chain guides break on these and the chain then eats the cover, towards the front of the engine behind the alternator , and THAT will give you a leak the EPA will hunt you down for

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