1995 chev astra stqarting problems


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1995 chev astra stqarting problems

A weird problem has developed in the past few weeks in my 1995 chevy astra. It does not seem to want to start in moist weather. The first time this happend was when I left it for a week while on vaction and the weather was the typical moist spring conditions with both snow and rain. A day later I went to try it it workedfine. The van worked for a week but then it rained heavy all night and the ensuing morning she was dead in the water (pardon the pun) however with the next 12 hours being sunny and dry thevan started. Could this be a sign of a bad coil or ignition wires. How can I figure it out. Thanks in advance fro any help!!
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Yes it could be the wires.
I would start it at night and take it somewhere it is dark.
With the engine off, disconnect one spark plug wire and then start the vehicle for a short while. Watch where the sparking and glowing wires are happening. I will usually have a jumper wire from good ground to the steel shaft of an insulated screwdriver and probe the wires in various areas for leakage of current.
Also look around the cap.
Its just a matter of time until wires break down so it is likely time for a good set.
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wires not likely to fail all at once but inspect them anyway, change coil pack and go from there ( they're awfully cheap )

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