Still Havin A/C problems


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Still Havin A/C problems

My 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe still having a/c problems. A leak test was done, and no leaks detected. Refrigant level is fine. The compressor is not coming on when a/c is turned on. What else could it be?
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Thumbs up A/C problems

It's a real shame that unpopular vehicles like Hyundais and Geos don't attract a lot of help.

First, see if you can observe the magnetic clutch engaging when someone else turns on the A/C.

If it doesn't engage it sounds like either your compressor magnetic cluch is shot, has a bad ground, or you are not getting voltage to it. My first guess is the electrical circuitry controlling the clutch. You need a voltmeter and a wiring diagram for your make/model.

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