1996 intrepid problems


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1996 intrepid problems

My 96 Intrepid 3.3 ltr has some weird electrical (I assume) problems. The car runs great, but when the car is started the air bag light comes on along with the power windows not working, and the blower fan not working. If I gently turn the key backwords (just enough to turn the radio off for a split second) then quickly turn the key back to the run position, while the car is running. Everything works.Sometimes it takes a few times to work. Yesterday while starting the car the starter clicked and didn't engage. It took a couple times but it started, today it was fine. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
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probably should have the battery tested to see if its in good condition and check the cables for corrosion and clean if needed.
could have an ignition switch problem causing blower motor, air bag light, and window problem.
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jeffery k,

i had a '97 dodge van and it would act strange like that but also it would act like it was starved for gas (elecronic fuel injectors) even though the tank was full, the battery terminals were corroded cleaned them up never had a problem. hopes this helps some.
you may also want to take it to a good auto parts store for a free test on the systems.

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if it was just the airbag light i would say change the clock spring,but that shouldnt make the other stuff act up.
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have you checked for trouble codes?

turn the key from off to on, cycle it 3 times, read the check engine light, it will flash, search the web for dodgeintrepid.net, we have a nice section on there for what the codes mean.

i would go with terminals or bad computer.

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