91 chevy pu ac


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91 chevy pu ac

91 Chevy pu 350. The ac compressor does not kick on, an AC light flashes on the dash. Its been converted to 134a it has a good charge. If you jump it even thru the pressure switch the clutch kicks in, I did not run it long enough to see if it gets cold. any ideas. thanks Max
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what are you checking the charge with, have you hooked guages up to it to see what the pressures low and high side are with the switch jumpered, the light typically will flash when the freon is low and will not kick the compressor in, once enough freon is added it can usuually be reset by disconnecting the battery for a few seconds and then reconnecting, there is also a tsb about this probalem on certain models and list how to repair it if necassary.
if its not engaging due to being low on freon then you should have the system checked for leaks and repair any found.

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