Air Conditioner Problems


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Air Conditioner goes on and off

I have a Jeep Cherokee Sport Utility Vehicle year 2000 and the air conditioner keesp going on and off, sometimes I will also hear a squealing noise. Sometimes the air stays off for hours sometimes it comes back on in a few minutes. What's worng, can I fix it myself, and if not how much do you think it will cost to fix it?

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Sound like low on freeze-on, you can do it yourself as buying freeze-on (134 a) in the can and charge it for now or have the shop check for leak and fix it correctly, I've seen lots of a/c evaporator coil goes bad on Dogde/Chry/Jeep.
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simply put, no you cannot work on the system yourself.
at first look you have a pressure valve problem or compressor
issue(not being there it's hard to tell, there could be other problems as well) DO NOT ADD ANY MORE FREON 134r TO THE SYSTEM as is will destroy what little bit of function you have now.
can't explain everything right now as i want you to get this msg. b-4 you make a big mistake. btw it's freon, not freeze-on.

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Listen to Brent. More refrigerant does not always equal more cold. there are many issues that can make an A/C system cycle repeatedly. You need to install gauges, check your pressures to identify where the problem is. This is one of those things that most DIYers should avoid as it can result in very costly repairs as well as being physically dangerous

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