trailer wiring


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trailer wiring

When I activate my brakes without my headlights on, the brake lights on the trailer work fine. When I turn on my headlights my trailer taillights work fine until I hit the brakes, then neither the brake or tail lights illuminates on the trailer. Both turn signals work properly. Should I be looking for a crossed along the trailer frame?
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Check your ground (white) wire.
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Post trailer wiring

I agree, you probably have a loose or coroded ground connection. but if turning on headlights aggrivates it, start with the negative cable on the car battery. If you have a voltmeter, with the trailer lights on, connect the negative test lead to the trailer chassis and the positive to the positive battery terminal. Record the voltage, then move the negative test lead to the car chassis. If the voltage is higher, move the negative probe to the car ground connection on the Bargh Connector to the trailer and keep working back to the trailer until you find where the voltage drops. If your trailer lights depend on connections to the trailer chassis, you should consider running ground wiring to all the lights. Don't assume that the problem is not in the car, but the odds are with one or more failing connections of the connector on the rear of the car or it's mate on the trailer.

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