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Question Help please!

OK this is my problem. I have a 1994 Geo Tracker with a rebuilt engine, the car was working perfect but suddenly started to pass water to the oil ( big problem I think!) so i stopped using it and try to contact the autoshop I took it to have the engine rebuilt but they dissapear! their bussiness is no longer in service. Now i am between two decisions, either to sell my car as is or to take it to another place and have them fix the engine again ( head cylinder) will this be expensive? what do you recommend to do?
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Hard decission here fella!.........You need to find out what the vehicle is worth RUNNING.......and then price out an engine....NOTE I say engine because if coolant got to the bearings, they're gonna be a BIG question mark........Maybe a good USED engine may pull you out of the woods???
If the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle it may be more sensible to let it go
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You've got a vehicle that's worth MAYBE $2000 before the engine problem. The head job would run you probably $500-1000 depending on whether it needs a new head or just a gasket job. A lot would depend on the overall condition of the rest of the vehicle and the mileage.
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my 2 cents

I second what Tow guy said.
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and just in case you didn't understand, i third the suggestion. take the thing and try to use it as a partial down payment( the things a suzuki) on a new car(bring also cash).
try to go to the dealer toward the end of the month, thats when they seem to make their best deals. let us know how it goes and good luck,

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Smile Thanks

Thanks to everyone who answered my question! I wi ll let you know what happened with my car. Thanks again!

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