Help With My Caravan!!!

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Unhappy Help With My Caravan!!!

Hi there

My 95 caravan won't start, I've noticed that the "humming" noise (from the fuel pump) when you turn the ignition key without crank it, is no longer there, so I think, it is the fuel pump what's not working, but, as you will understad, before going to do anything with that, I need to find out if it is indeed that part. It crancks very good but won't start.

So far I've checked the fuel pump rely and it's ok. My concern is shoul there be an in line fuse or master fuel pump rely there that could be burn? If it is, then where is it up? Coul you direct me to a surce of information leading me to tips on how to check localization of part on the vehicule or diagrams?

I will deeply apreciate any help, specially 'cause don't have the $400.00 bucks requested by the tech.

Best regards!

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Many cars have a fuse for the fuel pump (one way to stop the fuel pump from energizing (to depressurize the line) was to pull the fuse and turn the ignition). Check to see if you have a fuse for the pump (if not in your owner's manual, you can probably find out more in a shop manual, Hayne's, Chiltons).
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Go to allpar forums as they have a big section on Chrysler mini vans.
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just check to see if you are getting power to the pump using a voltmeter or test light follow the wiring harness from the tank and you will see a connector you can disconnect and chek voltage easily the fuel pump will only have power for a couple of seconds when you turn the key on so you may have to have someone cycle the key on and off for you and it should have power all the time while the engine is cranking over. the wire going to the sending unit on the same connector will also have power all the time when the key is on so make sure you check the correct wire.

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