Heat from fresh air vent. Why?


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Heat from fresh air vent. Why?

It was 74 and sunny out. I put a thermometer in front of my vent and it was 82 set on cold. I am inFURiated!!! Every car I have does this! Can't they isolate a damper control from the heat? Either that or the air is entering through some black plastic that gets hot in the sun. But I am more prone to believe that the damper door is not shutting 100%. This is not the first vehicle of mine to be this way. It is a 91 Dodge Spirit. I wonder if they have improved on this in recent years.

Why don't you guys put a thermometer in front of YOUR panel vent when the engine is up to temp and see what YOURS says for the fun of it. Please do the experiment because you may not know that it is blowing that hot air... as blowing 92 degree air does not really feel hot. Which MEANS...that if it was blowing 74, i would be going..."Ahhhhhhh!"

If it is 74 out...I want 74 coming out of the vents dadgumit!!
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Ain't gonna happen. The car has been absorbing heat from the sun and the engine, and the air passing through it is absorbing the heat off the car and then blowing it on you. Break down and buy a car with a/c.
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Ya, but...under the high speed of the fan on high...shouldn't fresh outside-air overtake those things after you have driving for a while? The temperature never comes down, even after driving for miles. Where are they pulling that fresh air from?

Years ago, I had cars that had separate pull handles for opening up fresh air vents that were down around your knees. Would THOSE kind have let in colder air, as opposed to the (newer) type where they tie in the heat and fresh air and a/c all in one slide control? I never checked the incoming temps back then. It is only as I aged that I became more scientific about everything.
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some of those old cars with the fresh air vent knobs drew air from the wheel wells or even fender grills to those vents, they were not part of the heat system. newer cars draw outside air into the HVAC sys through the cowl at the back of the hood, so you will get warmer air due to heating of the intake ducts in the firewall

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