Acura & loose plug wire

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Acura & loose plug wire

About 18 months back my wife got a 95 Acura Integra. Other than replacing the radiator and changing the oil, I have not thought much about it.

Yesterday she called and said the car died on the way home. She described a gasping car that died and lost power a couple of times before dying for good and not restarting.

The plugs are buried in holes in the valve cover, apparently a common feature of dual overhead cam engines. The number three plug wire was sitting up about inch. I pushed it down but it would not stay down so I pulled it out and it was covered with oil and the bottom of the well was full of oil, I could not see the plug. I pulled number four wire out and it was dry. I checked the dipstick and it was normal. I forced the plug wire on and the car ran normally.

I imagine the valve cover gasket failed and oil leaked into the plug area. The wires have a gasket that grips the valve cover tightly and I guess a metal clip grips the plug. I cannot imagine a pool of oil popping out the plug wire. I have not done anything but price a new gasket.

The question is why did the plug wire come out.

Any ideas?
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With that much oil in there the gasket between the head and the cover (there are individual rubber grommets at each plug boss separate from the perimeter valve cover gasket) could be leaking enough for crankcase pressure to build up enough to pop it loose. Might check your PCV valve for proper operation.
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at the bottom end of the plug wire where it goes in the hole is a rubber boot. oil in the tubes can make the boot swell and not fit in the bottom of the tube anymore, thus pushing the wire up. replace the wires when you do the gasket. try to clean as much of the oil out of the tube as possible before you pull the plugs out, and replace them too.

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