Cracked windshield. Question?

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Cracked windshield. Question?

I have a question, today in the morning I was on the freeway, and a rock from those big rigs hit my windshield and it broke it, you know the usual star form when it brakes, it's about 3/4", my question is Can I use the thing that autoparts sell to repair whinshields, is that going to prevent that the crack continue to go, is that going to help or you thing just wait and save money to replace the winshield?. Any advice will help me; thankyou for your help.
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Check with your insurance company. Most of them are pretty good about paying for windshields.

I doubt that goop works very well although I've not tried it.
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I used the windshield repair kit from autozone about 12 yrs ago to fix a star on my work van, it has gotten cloudy over the years but hasn't spread.

If you have comprehensive coverage on your car most insurance companies will repair the windshield with no deductible. If the repair doesn't work you pay the deductible to have it replaced.
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credit card check

My insurance company said if the damage can fit under the size of a credit card (the crack) it can be fixed.
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Many insurance companies will waive the deductible to have the windshield fixed (small crack, provided it is not in the driver's direct view) by an autoglass company (many of them will come to your location too). Call the insurance company and see what they say.

Even if they will not waive the deductible, it is not too expensive to have it fixed right (here we pay between 50 and $60 for a repair, while it is over $300 for a windshield). I would get it fixed immediately, it will save you in the long run (and, unless you have the proper fix it kit, have it done by someone who can inject the goo into the windshield).

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