92' Mazda Protege, man.trans. shifts but no go, help?


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92' Mazda Protege, man.trans. shifts but no go, help?

Hi, I dont know much at all about Mazdas and need some help. A friend let me look at his 92' Mazda Protege to see if I could fix it but i'm unsure where to begin.

He was driving it when he noticed a significant power loss when he shifted into gear, soon after the power loss the car wouldnt accelerate when the clutch was engaged, the engine would rev up when the gas was pushed but no acceleration...

I visited the car and had a look at it. I noticed an unusual ammount of engine oil all over the tranny casing, could've been a leaky valve gasket but unsure... The car starts and runs fine, nice and quiet, but when you shift into any gear (manual trans.) and let out the clutch, the car just sits there and doesnt even move a centimeter. There are no wierd noises at all when shifting gears either. While the car is running, I can even shift into all gears without pushing in the clutch pedal, but still nothing happens, engine idle does not change, no wierd noises, no acceleration, nothing. Engine just continues to idle... I was able to see both axles from the engine compartment and didnt notice anything broken or out of place at all. Both axels are still attatched to the transmission and wheel hubs and both are solid, they dont move unusually or at all when forced by hand...

I was hoping it was a simple fix such as some vaccume hose came loose or something, but again I dont know the car that well so I cant say for sure. Given the symptoms i've described, can anyone give a guestimation on what the problem could be and maybe some hints to diagnosing the problem or fixing it?

Thanx in advance.
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sounds like he's going to need a new clutch.
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Likely needs a rear main bearing seal, too, judging by the oil leak you describe. Might be the only problem, but since you have to dig in there anyway, it would be the time to do the clutch regardless.
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I agree it sounds like the clutch went out. Perhaps the rear main seal went out, leaking oil on the clutch, rendering it useless. This does sound like the most likely scenario given all the oil I witnessed.


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