87 Mustang, power window broke


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87 Mustang, power window broke

The left side rear power window won't go up or down. It sounds like the motor is moving, the window wont' move. I tried to force it down while holding the switch and it didnt help. How can this be fixed or replaced? Thanks.
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Howdy! If you haven't already, your best bet would be to remove the interior door panel to see if a part of the internals is broken or has simply worked itself loose.

I've never worked on a mustang before, so I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly what to look for... but, one of the best "parts" I've ever purchased for my acura was a Haynes repair manual. You can find them at most auto parts stores, and they're a really big help.

Before I had a repair manual, I replaced all four speakers and the head-unit in my car, and at the peak of this project, you could see the transmission from the driver's seat, lol. Usually, door panels are attached to the door by a combination of screws and plastic clips, and the plastic parts are easy to break if you don't know where they are.


*edit* I did some googling, and apparently, if you take the interior panel off it's still not a straight shot to the power window motor; but the gear-teeth on the motor tends to wear down and might be part of your problem...

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it may have a gear kit available for it, that will allow you to replace the plastic gears that strip out and not have to replace the motor.
check with your local parts store.

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