95 Taurus 3.0L stalling while driving


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Question 95 Taurus 3.0L stalling while driving

My 95 Taurus with 3.0L V6 is driven several times every day and will start and run great for weeks and then suddenly, while driving, the engine will either lose power and run rough for several seconds and then run fine again for weeks OR will stall out completely. When it stalls out it can usually be restarted right away or within 3 minutes and again can go for weeks without a problem. Sometimes when the problem is occuring the check engine light will flicker but not always. The problem seems to occur more often when the engine is at operating temperature and has made several trips during the day, but again this is not always the case. As you can see I am finding it difficult to come up with a definite patern.

I hope someone might be able to help me.

Thank you.

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check simple stuff first

make sure all wire connections appear clean and tight

have someone read the stored codes and post them here.

have you checked the cap and rotor? ever changed spark plugs?

find the fuel lines and find the service port on top of the engine. it should have a plastic cover unscrew the cover and press on the valve stem (just like on a tire) be ready for gas to spray all over the place. Put the cover back on. Next time it dies, test again for gas if it does restart on first try. If no gas, suspect the pump or relay.

Get in you car and turn the key to run not start. listen for the fuel pump to run about 2 seconds. Listen for that sound the next time it won't start. If you don't hear it you are closer to the solution.

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