Tailight not working...


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Question Tailight not working...

I just sold my 1999 Ford Contour to a guy at work. He called today and said that he noticed the right rear running light isn't working. He said that the brake light and turn signal are working fine, it's just the one running light. He said that he replaced the bulb, but still not working.

Any suggestions?


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1999 Contour tail light

My niece experienced a similar problem with her 1998 Contour. The connector in the trunk was not making contact. I removed the "keeper" in the female side of the plug and crimped the connector to allow a tight hold on the male end. It worked fine when I reassembled the plug and connected the light.
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If your not familiar with how to use a multimeter or test light this job will probably take you some time. Otherwise shouldn't take very long. You need to find out if the pin in the socket for running lights is getting power.

You would use a test light for multimeter to do this. A way to find out what pin would be to take the light out of the other socket and see which one has some voltage. Then check that pin in the other, also go by the manual never what bulb is in the socket when replacing bulbs. If you don't have voltage you will have to trace the wire back till you find voltage which shouldn't be to far. If you have voltage you need to test the ground which I am assuming is good if the brake light works for that socket.

So you need to trace back the power wire for the running light which won't be to far away if the other side is working.

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