Replacing Bumper cover 95 Taurus


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Question Replacing Bumper cover 95 Taurus

Ok, I am getting ready to inherit a '95 Taurus GL (3.0 V6) with a big gash in the front bumper. I would like to get a not-so-gashed bumper cover and replace it myself, but I have never done body-work and do not know how to remove/replace the cover. Can anyone give me a quick rundown of where the bolts/clips are and how to un-do them or a link to an article online?

Thanks!! Nick
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Don't know about the Taurus, but I had to do a Windstar a while back [don't ask, but it wasn't MY fault]. Mostly you look in obvious places for the connectors: wheel wells, underneath, in the grill area. Fairly good chance you may have to remove either the headlight or front running light assemblies to access some hidden ones. When you get most of them loose it will be pretty easy to determine where the ones are that are holding up the removal.
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