sound system for my car

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sound system for my car

hi guys, i have a 2002 ford focus, i'd like to get something like this stuff, but i dunno if it's a bit out of my price range. what do you guys recommend?
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All that stuff might be what you like but it is also something a theif would want.
I would just go with a nice head unit and some upgraded speakers and maybe a small amp. However if you have the cash go for it but do not forget a alarm system.
Heck I grew up in the days of 8 tracks and it was plenty good at the time for me.
I now have upgraded to a single C/D pioneer unit with some polk audio speakers and it sounds pretty good to me.
Sure you can not hear me BOOM BOOM BOOM from 2 miles but it is a great sound with plenty of highs and mid ranges.
Also my son in law had a system that cost right at 3000 dollars big amps big speakers you name it he had it,
The thing took all of his trunk space.
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Another important issue is how long are you going to keep the car? A buddy of mine sank some serious money into a stereo several years ago and it sounded incredible, but he sold the car a year later and it all seemed pointless.
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Sorry. No linking to external forums.

im sure you can probably get a decent stereo sytem thats in your budget while you can spend a fortune on one also there is plenty of brands that are decent and not that expensive.
check out the link to a website with alot more info than what you will probably find here.

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