Chrysler Transmission problem


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Chrysler Transmission problem

I have a 99 T&C minivan 3.8L i noticed a while back that it wasn't shifting into the last gear until until i drove it 2-3 miles, while at my dealer getting an oil change they said that is normal when it is really cold outside. but now when it only gets down to 40 degrees at night i still have the problem. I took it to the dealer,,let it sit overnight and drove it with him. I pointed out the i was going 55MPH and the RPM's were at 2200. He said that was pretty good, which i knew was B.S. So i stop at a stopsign and started going and this time when i reached 60mph the rpm's were at 1800. He then said once the fluid heats up it kicks into overdrive and the rpm go down, and again said everthing was working fine even when i questioned if it had overdrive. So anyway he sent me on my way and i am still in question about my trany and my warranty ends in 2 mos, which is why i think my 5 star dealer is jacking me around. So, if anyone can tell me if my van has overdrive and if the rpms really drop after it warms up i will feel a lot better. Thanks
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Until the pros come along to expand, I can tell you that some transmissions do in fact behave in that manner.

Are there any other potential warning symptoms or does it function 100% normally at all other times?
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I have a 99' Caravan Sport, with 3.8L also, and yes that is normal.
I bought it with about 40,000 mile, and it now has over 100,000 miles, and is working fine. I also have a 95' neon that does the exact same thing. One word of advice that will probably save you a large repair bill, is to make sure you change the transmission oil & filter regularily, about every 25,000 - 30,000 miles, and "INSIST", that they use Genuine mopar fluid, as written on your transmission dipstick. ( I think it's part # 7176 or something like that). As soon as my transmission acts up a little, I change oil & filter, and problem are gone, but if you change it as described above, it will really pay off in the long run. ( has numerous comments from Chrysler owners & mechanics, that swear by this to prolong transmission life, and of transmission shops who swore it didn't matter what fluid, only to have problems later, that were cured when Genuine Mopar transmission oil was used to replace that fluid. Cost is same or close, so use oil listed.
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I just changed the filter and fluid about a month about, i'm not sure what fluid they used. when i noticed it happening about 2 winters ago i tried some additive to try and help the problem. otherwise when driving it i don't think it runs great, i have newer vehicle and an older one that both run a lot better than this thing (102K miles). The worst part is in the winter on the expressway i can't go over 70MPH until it wants to.

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