03 cavalier emissions malfunction


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03 cavalier emissions malfunction

I've got a question. A friend of mine took his 03 cavalier in for an inspection and it failed due to (code po440. Evaporative emmission control malfunction). What is your best guess as to what that is? The engine is a 4 cyl.. and the check engine lite is on. Also we used to be able to get engine codes from a car using a paper clip, can it still be done? Thanks for the help.. RCG
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you need a code scan tool to get codes from an obd2 computer that is a few 95 models but mostly 96 and up.
might check the vacum lines to the purge solenoid used to be under the intake just above the oil filter and sometimes they would get knocked off during an oil change.
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I will check that out thanks
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Leaving the gas cap off or lloose will set a 440........clear codes and redrive vehicle to make sure you have a valid problem
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I am with the gas cap

I also am with the gas cap theroy make sure it clicks at least 3 times.
You can only get codes on a 03 with a scan tool but after checking gas cap if that was the problem code will go awawy in about 30 miles.

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