96 Grand Marquis - cranks won't start - continual problem

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Angry 96 Grand Marquis - cranks won't start - continual problem

Any ideas about what else we should look at? Since last spring, we've had a problem with the car turning over but not starting. It seems to happen more often in the morning or after it's been sitting for some time, ***but not always. We have assumed a fuel or spark problem, but no luck pinning it down. Also, it seems that if we give it a jump, it will start. But the battery is new..???? The fuel pump and filter are new and running.

Here's what we've had done so far and yet again yesterday, it wouldn't start again:

spring 04 - tune up (plugs, etc. replaced)
May 05 - IAC replaced
fall 05 - new battery, fuel filter
spring 06 - new fuel pump and fuel relay, inertia switch looks okay but did not get to test

WHAT are we missing?? We can't keep putting money into this, and diagnostic tests show nothing (naturally, it always starts at the mechanic so nothing shows up). Any ideas before we get rid of this and buy a Honda??
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During the no-start condition, can you confirm the starter is engaging? (belts turning)
This would eliminate some possibilities

Also during no-start can you confirm spark at a plug? (inexpensive tester)
After that a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel line schrader valve (looks like a bike tire air valve) could confirm Fuel Pressure during no-start
Those would be some SOP checks

An intermittant crank no-start problem make me think corroded/loose wiring
Can you do a really good check of the batt. connections and wiring to the starter etc.
Really check it out for loose/gunked-up grounds, corrosion under the plastic coating
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This may not be it. But whether for this car now, or for any car in the future, with a similar no start problem like mainly in the morning, and especially if you live where fog rolls in or near a beach...check to make sure water droplets aren't forming ontop the coil or on or inside the distributor or on any of the wiring that is for the sparking of the engine.

*I* had...actually still have (in storage)...a car very susceptible to this, and found the problem was at a wire near the coil...and my cousin once had a car that would never start in the morning after the hot engine heat condensed at night and the fog on the beach rolled in. Wet distributor. Had to spray it all the time with WD-40 to get it to go.

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