Adjusting Idle!!!! Need Help!!!


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Exclamation Adjusting Idle!!!! Need Help!!!

I have a 1983 Ford Tioga motorhome, with a 460. I recently installed a new carb (4bbl, 4160 holley). I'm trying to adjust the curb idle, I backed the curb idle screw all the way out and it's still idling at 1100 RPM's. Took carb back off and checked the primary butterfly and , they're closed all the way. Thought maybe could be a vaccum leak someplace so I disconnected all the vaccum hoses and blocked them off and still idling the same.Could this be a timing issue? As I am trying to time it too. Cannot get the distributor to move( took hold down bolt right off) Timing is off, so if this is the problem any suggestions on how to get the distributor to move? I've soaked it for 2 weeks with PB Blaster and it still won't move!!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Any chance the choke isn't unloading. If the choke is partially "on" you get a higher idle because there is a "fast idle" position in the linkage.

How far off is the timing, and did you disconnect the vacuum advance hose before checking the timing? Also, you may not get an accurate reading with it idling so fast.
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sounds like you have a vacum leak if the throttle plates are closed all the way.
check around the base gasket or it may have the egr mounting spacer and a gasket between that and intake leaking.
you can use carb cleaner or propane to help find a vacum leak at these gaskets just use caution when checking for vacum leaks and it is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy.
you can usually get the distributer to turn by using a large punch and a hammer and on a sturdy part of the distributer tap on it to try to get it to turn one way or the other usually after working it back and forth they will free up without breaking but you need to get your idle speed down to where it should be before you even bother messing with timing as it probably read fast at 1100 rpm.

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