sumbody plz calll 911 cuz i need help


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Exclamation sumbody plz calll 911 cuz i need help

I need help asap I bought a brand new 1990 Honda accord EX at the end of March I had a 30 day warranty on the motor only. Valve cover gaskets were freshly replaced. My speedometer stopped working on the way home from where i bought it my tachometer still workx tho. But my battery light started comin on it would go off but 2 days ago it never went off again my car "burple' is her name started idling up entirely 2 high on its on then it would act like its goin 2 kill so i went 2 autozone , battery low , n my altenator is no longer charging so apparently i had been drivin on str8 battery ok alternators 4 my burple are unbelieveably priced but i found 1 i cant afford a new 1 or a authorized honda brand but my problem is this I am tired of shade tree's messin up more than what they fix so can sumone plz guide me thru the installation of my alternator. I have taken only 1 bolt off and thats to the pulley i believe the nut has a hole in it and it is connected to another bolt that i can not get off for the life of me i understand that there are 3 bolts 2 take off but i c a lot of bolts n not sure which 1's i take off sumbody plz helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
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thank u so much tow guy it took me 2 days n i took off my adjustment bolt when i shouldnt have n it took sumbody else 2 find that last bolt on the bottom it was underneath n sideways but its fixed now if i can just find where i recharge my a/c ...add refridgerant
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not a DIY recommendation

The A/C recharge is not a do it yourself deal unless you have proper guages and tools.
A can of freon makes a great hand grenade and can sure tear up your day.
Or if you over or under fill you could cause damage to compressor or other parts.

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