2002 Focus thuds when it hits bumps

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2002 Focus thuds when it hits bumps

My wifes 2002 Focus make a thud when it hits bump or uneven pavement. It comes from the front right tire! Would this be Ball Joints or maybe Struts. How would I check to see if is Struts? The car has almost 50,000 miles on it. Please help, We are overprotective first time parents who need a safe car. But do not have alot extra cash to take it somewhere.
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Well...you could have a friend help you... and you could push in and out on the side facing of the top of the tire, and by grabbing it at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions and try to jockey it from side to side, while the other person looks up at the strut and joints. You may have to turn the wheel first so you can see the strut good. Also, push up and down, rythmically to get a wave motion going, if you can, for both the front left of the car and then the front right of the car, so you can compare (You know...the ol shock absorber test, where after you get this rythm going, and then you stop...and see how fast the bouncing stops).

Also, yank and push on both left and right front tires and look at and compare all the joints and then you will probably be able to tell what is moving or sloppy. I was able to see what was wrong with my front end parts by doing this. My strut was really bad where it went up into the tower, and you could really see the shaft move compared to the one on the other wheel.

Also, open up the hood, and while you are bouncing the car up and down, make sure you don't see movement where the strut is bolted at the top of the tower.
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Ha. I just refreshed and reread the thread headline and this just dawned on me: You said "thud". Yes, thud. Thud is the sound when something bottoms out with no give. I'll bet your strut is so bad that it is literally broke inside, and is locked up! You do that bounce test while observing that strut (have someone bounce the car up and down while you watch the strut) and I bet you see no shock absorber action of the lower strut shaft as it goes up into the top part of the strut. I'll bet it is locked up as a solid unit. Therefore, when you hit a bump...no give. Just a solid..."thud".
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02 focus

given the mileage of your car,i would take a closer look at your stablizer bar links. if that turns out cold then look at your strut bearing. these are the two most commen things that cause clunks (in the front)on the focus.
my only major warning on this issue ,is this. a friend and recently retired ford tech. has a 2005 focus that happened to be still under warranty. he was complaining of a similar noise and we both thought it must be the stabilizer bar links (that is most common). we replaced the links,the noise was still there.next we moved to the strut tower and replaced the strut bearing(also common) the noise was still there. next we replaced the struts, tie rod ends, lower ball joints,sway bar, k frame bushings,motor mounts, exhaust hangers,+ things that other tech's thought of ,the noise is still there.
we have learned that the noise goes away with the cold weather. so as of now efferts to repair will have to weight in tell the weather gets warmer.
that is however, a freak thing. it was was the first time anyone in the shop had seen such a stubborn noise on the focus.
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This thread is from May of 2006! Hopefully the poster fixed it by now.
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