help on replacing left outer tie rod on 95 escort


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help on replacing left outer tie rod on 95 escort

i need to replace left outer tierod i hear its not to difficult and i really dont have the cash to bring it to a garage if some one could just explain the procedure it would be much appriciated thanx scott
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Go here:

Be sure you mark the tie rod itself so that you know how far on to screw the new end [no need to mark the old end since you're going to toss it anyway]. If the first one goes okay and you feel comfortable with the job, do the other side too and then have the alignment done.
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Tie Rod End

If you have a Haynes manual it will probably take you through this step by step. They ar about $15 at the parts store.

It is very easy, jack up the car and remove the tire. Locate the tierod end and romve the cotter pin and bottom nut. You may have to tap the bolt up or use a seperator tool to get it loose from the wheel assembly. Loosen the locking nut on the rod just a bit

Next, UNSCREW the end off the rod coming from the steering rack. COUNT the number of revolutions you had to turn it to get it off. When reinstalling make sure you screw the new one on back the same number of times. (this will keep your alignment the same).

Tighten that locking nut up to meet the new end. Connect it back to the wheel, install the nut and cotter pin. Put the tire back on and you are good to go.

I just did this on my wife's car, part cost - $25, time took about 30 minutes without any power tools.


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Good advice above. Let me add that you'll need to keep the inner tie rod shaft from rotating while unscrewing the old tie rod end or else the number of counts needed to screw back in will be off.

The toughest part of this job is unscrewing the locknut and getting the taper shaft to pop out of the knuckle. You may need to buy a pickle fork from the auto aupply store and go to town on it with a hammer. The locknut may need a good soaking of penetrant (PB Blaster) before wrenching on it.

These cars are known to have weak tie rod ends. I've done five replacements on a 98 Escort with 165K. Butter the taper shaft with an antisieze compound before installation to make future replacements easier.
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Good point, kestas, and I would add to break loose the jam nut on the threaded portion of the rod before separating the rod end from the arm.

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