A scam??


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A scam??

A young friend if mine is into a pyramid scheme which involves
buying/selling a "fuel reformulator" named "Ethos".
Sounds to me like the stuff that was peddled during the
OPEC shut-off in the Carter years.
The guys in the expensive suits on TV were pimping everything from carburetor gaskets to "teflon" oil additives; none of which
achieved anything but a nice living for the hucksters selling the stuff.
Can anyone point me to a source - other than the websites
pushing this stuff?
Dows anybody have some info or results I can tell this kid?
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I pulled up their web site and the whole idea is to get you to become a distributor for their snake oil. Definitely a multi level set up. No real facts on the product - just smoke and mirrors.
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That stuff actually has been around
Originally it was supposed to be an additive to make gas burn cleaner
One of the many that has been lobbying Washington for tax breaks, money, approval, etc. for major use by gas companies to use to clean our air (MTBE, Oxygenated, Reformulated, that sort of stuff)

Most, if not all of the independent studies on Ethos FR are dealing with opacity reduction (pollution)
It seems to work well in that regard

Reducing fuel consumption possibly could have been a by-product
Now that gasoline costs are rather high, I suppose they could make an argument that the Ethos now costs less than the gasoline it replaces

I's my opinion that in failing to get the government grants or mandates they have seized upon an opportunity (the consumers hysteria over high gasoline prices) to sell to the public...but not right to the public, or through retail outlets like AutoZone etc.

The choice of the "get in on the ground floor" pyramid schemes rather than other more traditional-and less shady-ways of marketing only seems to intensify the appearance of a "snake oil"

The point is, they don't care if any consumers actually get the product, as goldstar says, the only point is to get the distributer to buy the product
Then, if later it turns out to be a bust (which, IMO, it will) the company doesn't care, it's up to the poor schleb with 50 cases of the stuff in his garage

Yes, I'd stay clear
But the true independent studies on fuel economy won't be around for a while
There's no-one paying for those

I'll keep my eye out for any though
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Here's an EPA list of devices that have been tested. Mostly these are mechanical devices as opposed to additives, but you get the idea; they all pretty much make the same wil claims.


And some stuff to read:

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Thumbs up Thank you's

Just as I thought!
The "cobra-balm, essence of bat-wing juice" creeps are out there.
Many thanks. You've saved this young fellow from an investment
he really can't afford.

I"m told the vitamin field is loaded with these people.
Their pitch is " the government doesn't want this information to get to you. You know, the FDA is in the bag with the big pharmas"

Well, again; many, many thanks to you, guys.
Jim in Quincy
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Ditto with "Diet" pills [they even use the quotation marks around 'Diet' in their ads]. They're not REALLY drugs, you see; they're "dietary supplements". Which means they can make whatever wild claims they want and not be slammed by the FDA.

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