Bleeding Brakes??


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Question Bleeding Brakes??

I have to bleed the brakes on a 89' dodge shadow and dont really know how to do it...
thanks -jon
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Brakes are not something you want to do without a little knowledge of what you are doing. It is also a 2 man job.

Basically there is a bleeder nut on the back plate that needs to be loosen [to bleed] and then retighten. The person behind the wheel will pump the brake pedal to build up pressure. While he holds the pedal firm the other person will loosen the bleeder nut [brake pedal will go to floor] allowing both air and brake fluid to escape, loosen and immediatetly retighten. Repeating this procedure twice on each wheel should bleed the brake lines. Don't forget to add brake fluid as necessarry.

Because this involves your braking system and you as yet have no experience on how to do it, I strongly urge you to get help from someone that has experience with brakes.

Some small shops will allow you to watch them do the bleeding and I doubt they would charge much.
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important things

It is important not to have the person pushing the petal let up while bleeder screw is open.
Also keep an eye out for brake fluid leval and do not let it get to low or you will have more problems. Buy some brake fluid and keep it full while bleeding.
You must have good comunication between the two people.
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Arrow Bleeding Sequence

It may take more than two times at each wheel as it depends on where the air bubbles in the brake line are lodged.

Also the bleeding sequence is very important.

Start with the farthest wheel from the master brake cylinder, typically back pass side, then back drivers side, then front pass side, and lastly front drvier's side.


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