power doors


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power doors

I have a 1988 Ford Club Wagon with a wheelchair lift in the back. I no longer have a use for it and want to sell it. The problem is a handicapped person cannot close the rear doors from inside the van. Is there a power door closer available for this purpose?
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Sure, there are door opening devices for use with a wheelchair lift. My best friend had just that on the rear doors of his van. An actuator was mounted within each door and attached to a bracket screwed into the van at the edge of each door. Two switches were mounted outside. Throwing one switch caused the rear doors to open in sequence, left then right. Toggling the other switch dropped the chair lift. Controls on the chair lift allowed my friend to raise the lift with him in it. After backing into the van he flipped the other switch closing the doors. I don't know the name of the door controls, but I would imagine that any firm which installs lifts could assist a prospective purcherser of your van with this device.

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