Saturn Transmission problems


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Saturn Transmission problems

I have a 1996 Saturn Ls 1 with an automatic transmission and a 1.9L engine. Recently I have been having problems with the transmission. Most of the time the car drives fine and shifts great. However every now and then something happens that causes the transmission to seem like it is locking up. What happens is no matter what gear I am in even reverse and neutral the car will creep forward only even in park even when I give it throttle it will just creep forward and the RPMs will only go to 2100 rpm. However if I put the selector in neutral and give it full throttle to 2100 rpm two or three times everything will go back to normal and the car drives fine. Can't figure it out. I have a service manual however this problem is not talked about. There are no DTC codes either. Please help.


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Try changing the Transmission filter and the fluid, before you put new fluid in get a quart of "Lucas Automatic Transmission Stop Slip" and put in it then fill the rest with regular automatic transmission fluid. (TIP: Before you try pouring the "Lucas" in put it in a pot of water and boil the whole thing for about 3 or 4 minutes and then pour it in otherwise it will take you forever to get the entire bottle poured in). if this helps for about 1 or 2 days then it start acting up again repeat the whole process over again and if it only works again for about 2 or so days then you need to take it to a machanic but it will probably fix your problem i had the same thing happen to me. good luck.

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