1990 Nissan Maxima running rough


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1990 Nissan Maxima running rough

Engine is running rough from idle through acceleration. Checked plugs and are OK. Used stethescope on injectors and all are "clicking" evenly. Replaced O2 sensor because it had 100K on it. I checked the codes and the ECU doesn't display any error codes. I reset ECU after installing O2 sensor. Could a sensor be malfuncioning and not be detected by the ECU? Not sure where to look next.
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Take another look at the injectors and connectors at injectors, make sure there's no leak at injectors, wiggling the connectors while engine is running at idle and see if it smooth out, be very CAREFUL while working on a running engine.
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dead cylinder

What you describe could be a dead cylinder if the car has noticeably less power when driven. This is easy to diagnose so do it sooner than later.

With the engine running, take the plug wires off one at a time and ground to frame or engine you will hear a snapping sound with each spark. Pick a long bolt or something that the plug wire boot will fit over. Get the metal part that clamps onto the plug at least from your ground. Replace the wire onto the plug and repeat with the next wire. Plan this out first and maybe loosen the wires before you start.

If one of the wires is not snapping you, found an electrical problem(bad cap or wire?).

With a normal cylinder, the removal of a wire will make the idle rough or kill the engine. If removing a wire has no effect, you have found a dead cylinder.

Write back with results.
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might look at the plug wires along the plug end of the boot for any holes that could be causing the problem. might need to see a shop for diagnosis even an injector can be bad and still sound normal.
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Check cap and rotor.Allso bad spark plug wires.
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Could be the Idle Air Control valve (emissions)
My Honda had the same symptoms and this was the culprit.
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