92 oldmobile silhouette stalls after warm up


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92 oldmobile silhouette stalls after warm up

My 92 oldsmobile silhouette surges at low crusing speeds and stalls after stopping or deceleration. It also wants to or does stall on acceleration sometimes. It only does this after the engine has warmed up never when its cold. I already replaced plugs, wires, distributer cap, rotor, fuel pump, battery cable ends, gas cap, fuel filter, air filter, and I have found no vacuum leaks so far. It was showing code 15 coolant sensor. I fixed that and it never shows any other codes. I unplugged my EGR valve before but it still stalled. The van runs great on the interstate, although it does seem to surge a little. It will run at high speeds all day, but as soon as I get off the interstate and stop at the light it wants to stall, and gives me touble. Could a little exhaust leak be causing this? Can any one of the sensors be causing it? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Try changing magnetic pic up in distributor.
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After driving at high speeds and coming off the exit ramp, it does stall or it wants to stall?
At first I thought for sure the egr valve sounded like it was hanging open too long. You did pull the vacuum hose off the valve and drove it and it still acted up?

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