Dodge Avenger Overheating


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Dodge Avenger Overheating

I need help. I have a 98 Dodge Avenger that's overheating. I believe I need to bleed air out of the cooling system but I don't really know how. If someone could help me I would really appreciate it.
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Well, let's start with, what makes you think it is an air bubble problem? Unless the system has had some work done to it, such as a water pump replacement, it's not very likely there is air in the system. Are the fan(s) operating properly? How many miles? Has it been driven "hot"?

But to answer your question, to "burp" the system, some cars have a bleeder fitting somewhere high on the engine. They are usually easy to spot and/or are labled as such. In the absence of a bleeder, park on as steep an uphill incline as you can and remove the radiator cap. Start engine and run until thermostat opens [upper hose gets ouch-hot and large quantity of coolant comes out of filler. Prior to the opening you will get some flow out the filler as the coolant warms and expands, but wait for the thermostat to open]. If there IS an air bubble it should be expelled and you'll note a drop in the level in the radiator. Have coolant ready to pour in; fill it to the top and replace the cap.

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