1987 Volvo -- electrical gremlin


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1987 Volvo -- electrical gremlin

My old Volvo has developed some intermittent electrical problems.

The main problem right now is the front right turn signal and front right headlight. I had the headlight looked at, and it was just a wire tha had become unplugged. But now it's intermittent again, and the turn signal doesn't work at all. Are they both dependent on some degenerate wiring harness, and could that be the problem, or are they separate problems?

It all started two years ago when my car wouldn't start, and it turned out to be an electrical situation underneath the car involving a corroded wire.

Last year, I couldn't get the car inspected because it was a problem of the third taillight (in the back window) not functioning. I got that fixed.

The lights on some of the inside indicators work intermittently, which makes me suspicious that the whole electrical system is coming unglued or something.

My question is: is this car so messed up that I should just call it a loss? I hate to lose it, because it's wonderful in every other way.

Does anyone have experience with old Volvos, who has been able to get this sort of intermittent problem straightened out?

Do you think this car has the whole wiring system messed up? Is it worth replacing it?

Or, is it merely a matter of keeping on top of the problems as they happen, and not worrying about the whole electrical system?
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Anybody who knows about Volvo 240s?

Is there anybody who knows about Volvo 240s (1987 station wagon), and what I can do about intermittent electrical problems? Does this sound like a complete re-wiring job, or just a local problem (described in the above post). Thanks!!
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Volvo electrical

Check the battery cables for hairline cracks (on the long side of the bend)
Check the wiring harness connector for snuggness should click and lock in place.
hope this helps. gw
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Volvos are WONDERFUL and safe cars. the do have however sorry electrical wiring. the wire is covered with a plastic type covering and they are bad about cracking and allowing moisture is and corroding. if i was't IN LOVE with it, i would trade. it will be a thorn in your side!

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