1992 Chevy 4x4 blowing fuse


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Angry 1992 Chevy 4x4 blowing fuse

I have a 1992 chevy 1500 4x4 5.7L extended cab. The fuse on my 4x4 is blowing out. When i engage the 4x4 from park, i can get it to click in and run with 4x4 for about 10 seconds, then i hear the fuse pop. When i engage it while in drive at a standstill, it will blow out immediately when i pull the lever. I checked the fluid level and it was ok. Could it be a sensor or bad wiring? Any ways to find out which or what? Any suggestions, i would really appreciate it?

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..............Find the actuator on the front axle and disconnect it. There's two devises on the front axle, the actuator has a large hex like an inch and a half hex on the end of it. Disconnect that and see if the fuse still blows. If it doesn't blow, you need a new actuator. This is a redesigned part, and the new one will also need to have a kit that goes along with it to make it all work.

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