stumped 3.1


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Angry stumped 3.1

Hi, I have a 1990 cavalier z24, 3.1 v6, auto on nice days it runs great. when it rains or I hit big puddles it idles and runs really rough for a couple of days. changed coils and plugs and no differant. any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by wildmans99
...changed coils and plugs...any suggestions?
Spark Plug Wires
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Next time it does it, if you dont' get the plug wires first?...pull over, while it is still running (don't shut it off as it may not restart) and see where the water got. It could be around the distributor and coil pack as well. Any water around where the high voltage occurs could be setting up a premature grounding pathway.

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stock or custom air intake?
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if it don't restart try wd-40 in the ingnition system its made to dry it out and if it restarts than theres the problem
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thanks, but it has no distributer, and see no sparking. has stock air filter. It always restarts and it has never stalled out. It runs like it has a bad mis, with new plugs and wires. Took all plugs out re-cleaned them. They are autolite platnum +4 plugs. Could I have water in my gas? Will this cause such a headache?
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If hitting puddles gets water in gas then you need a new gas tank.Bad wires or cheap new ones will do this.

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